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About Me.

I have been interested in and studying astrology since about the year 2000.  In the beginning I was mainly self taught through any book or resource I could get my hands on.  In the year 2012 I had a reading done by a Sidereal Vedic astrologer and everything changed at that point.  There are systems of prediction used in Vedic astrology that are far more precise than those available in Western Astrology and the sidereal zodiac which has accounted for the procession of the stars over the last two millennia and adjusted accordingly makes a lot more sense than the tropical zodiac used by most western astrologers.  After that I sought out teachers and tutors and courses and I have been focusing mainly on Vedic Astrology since that time. 

In 2020 I started my Instagram account @sidereal.sarah it now has a modest following which I am very proud of given what a niche industry I work in.  First it was just a way to connect with other like minded people but it has grown into an account where I combine my passion for astrology with my love of breaking down advanced concepts into simple infographics and that has gained me a lot of followers and is something I am becoming known for. 

In 2021 I began offering readings professionally.  I now divide my time between readings for clients, continuing my studies in astrology, creating content for my Instagram and taking care of my preschool aged son.  By 2025 he will be transitioning into school full time and I will be opening up more times for bookings and taking on more clients and I am looking forward to increased time for professional development and continued education.

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