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July 2022 Astrological Forecast

July 1 2022 Mercury Enters Gemini

Mercury enters it's own sign. Mercury represents logic, reasoning, analytical thinking, communication and decision making. Gemini is a charming, talkative, flexible and adaptive sign which means that Mercury does well here because it feels comfortable and like it's goals are supported in Gemini. Mercury in Gemini can feel a little bit scattered with lots on the go but there can also be lots left undone or a superficiality to this influence. Mercury in Cancer later this month will feel more intuitive but for now the focus is on logic and facts in our communication.

July 12 2022 Retrograde Saturn Enters Capricorn

July 12, 2022 Venus Enters Gemini

July 16 2022 Sun Enters Cancer

July 16 2022 Mercury Enters Cancer

July 28 2022 Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces

July 31 2022 Mercury Enters Leo

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