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Lunar Forecast, Weekend of October 22-24

This is an interesting weekend astrologically speaking. There are a few things going on other than the Moons transit through the sign of Virgo. Saturn which was retrograde through much of the spring, all of the summer and up until now stations and turns direct in the sign of Capricorn. Retrogrades occur when a planet is so close to the earth that it appears to be moving backwards and due to it's closer than usual proximity to earth it is known to have a greater influence on us. Saturn's energy can be a little bit difficult and less fun to deal with so less of an influence is great according to this astrologer!

So there is that.

We are also in the last few days of the waning crescent Moon before the New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse on the 25th. The waning crescent moon phase is a time of turning inwards and reconnecting with the self. It is interesting to note that people who are born during the waning crescent moon phase tend to need a little more time for this than the rest of us, there is quite a lot of comfort and enjoyment found spending some time alone, this is also true for those whos progressed lunar phase is waning crescent. This becomes true for the culture as a whole during these few days each moon is almost new again.

And we have the moon transiting through the sign of Virgo and through the Nakshatras of Purva Phalguni, Hasta and Chitra.

In Virgo the moon (and thus our emotions, intuition and habits which it rules over) take on the quality of the sign. Virgo is an Earth sign that is modest and practical, but also critical and analytical

. Refining and perfecting are themes when and where this sign is activated. So here we are refining and perfecting as we turn inward, I'm sure you see where this is going but it helps to kind of spell it out, these are the basic ABCs of astrology and this is how we get from the significations of Virgo or the lunar phase to what I am about to say.

Now is the time to do some inner work, really examine and observe and think about your usefulness in society, the state of your health, your work relationships with coworkers and bosses, your emotions and feelings and relationship with yourself. Take a moment, or ideally take the weekend to really be mindful of your mood, your daily habits. Maybe spend some extra time organizing something around the house or hanging out with your pets or houseplants. The eclipse will shake up some area of your life and after the new moon we will be back into the waxing cycle which is more visible and extroverted so work on your foundation for now.

A final kind of silly but deep thought to leave you with. Have you ever gone out one weekend with friends, and you usually love going out with friends, but that particular weekend you're just not feeling it? Maybe you're usually really social and extroverted but this particular weekend all you can think about is how great your bed and pajamas and Netflix would be? That is the result of not staying in enough when you should be working on yourself and building your foundation. If I had to guess I would say it was probably during a lunar phase just like this and that brings me to my final point, if you are planning a party, all other considerations aside, plan it during the waxing phase! People are less likely to bail in favor of ordering some takeout on the couch, which is what I am recommending everyone do this weekend!

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