Natal Chart Reading

Birth chart analysis takes into account your rising sign and the placement of all natal planets by sign, house and nakshatra.  

Progressed Lunar Cycle

The progressed lunar cycle takes about 30 years to come full circle.  An analysis of where you are in the cycle will give clues and make predictions about future events.

Transit Forecast 

An analysis of how upcoming planetary transits will affect you, especially by conjunction or aspect to natal planets.

Relationship Reading

How does your chart line up with another's? Relationships can be better understood through aspects between two charts.

Solar Return Reading

Each year the Sun returns to the exact degree it was at the time of your birth. The solar return chart predicts events for the next solar cycle (until your next birthday)

Locational Astrology

Astro Mapping identifies areas of the world or country that will have some influence over you.   Beneficial places to live or do business can be determined with this technique.